Sandblasting Services

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There are hundreds of ways that MP BLAST services can help you.
We have listed some of the services here and are adding more all the time.
Contact us and test us out with anything you can think of.
We are always willing to try new things.

Car and bike restoration

Truck, tractor, and mobile machinery

  • Truck and Tractor body and chassis frame stripping
    • Tipper body restoration
    • Truck body signage removal
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Concrete pumps and contractors
    • Cleaning service
    • Tools
    • Pumps
  • Trailer blasting and priming
  • Farming equipment
    • Tractors
    • Implements
    • Tools etc
  • Refinishing to attract a higher selling price and increase your return
  • Trailer restoration
  • Box, boat, bike, tandem trailers
  • Steel and aluminium ute tray restoration
  • Aluminium blasting


Property Maintenance services

  • Heritage Restoration and Refurbishment
  • Wrought Iron, Trellis, and Cast Iron Refurbishment
  • Cleaning of fungal, guano and mould staining contamination
  • Chewing gum and traffic stain removal (shopping/sports centres, malls etc.)
  • Monument/Headstone Cleaning
  • Graffiti removal from most surfaces quickly and easily
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Fences
  • Stone
  • Brick houses
  • Wooden houses
  • Timber deck cleaning
  • Brick and stone cleaning and rejuvenation
  • Pool and pool paving blasting and cleaning
  • Tile grout cleaning
  • Stainless steel refinishing

Marine services

Signage and Branding

  • Signage removal
  • Etching on glass, concrete etc for signage or other

Building, construction, and renovation services

  • Concrete reinforcement engineering inspections
  • Bluestone and sandstone block and paving cleaning
  • Tuck point brick and heritage gentle paint removal
  • Signage removal
  • Fire and flood cleanup also removes charcoal and odour
  • Home renovation projects
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Stencil markings in concrete
  • Pools
    • Surrounds (decking and tiles)
    • Resurfacing older inground concrete pools
    • Create non-slip surfaces on previously slippery (when wet) surfaces
  • Wrought iron, cast iron and lacework blasting and priming
  • Secondhand building supplies
    • Timbers
    • Doors, windows, hardware
  • Steel shed restoration
  • Paint removal from all/most surfaces
  • Rust removal
  • Internal and external brick, paint, render and bagging removal and cleaning.
  • Waterproofing preparation
  • Etching surfaces to ensure proper adhesive and paint contact
  • Welding repair preparation (clean surfaces before welding for a secure bond)

Manufacturing and Industrial services

  • Engineering and Fabrication
  • Powder coating removal (water keeps the coating cool so the abrasive can remove it)
  • Pre-painting key surfacing (contaminant free and profiled to SA 2½, HB 2½, SB2 ½ NACE VIS 9, WAB6/10)
  • Petrochemical and Industrial
  • Plastic extrusion and injection mould cleaning

Earthmoving and Mining machinery

  • Fixed and mobile plant
  • Plant and Equipment Refurbishment (repaint as soon as the surface is dry)
  • Engine cleaning for mechanical repairs to be carried out
  • Signage removal (truck bodies, excavator booms, etc)
  • Secondhand equipment sales preparation to attract more buyers and a higher return

Civil and Municipality

  • Chewing gum and traffic stain removal for shopping/sports centres, malls etc
  • Graffiti removal
  • Civic Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Road and Rail
  • Bridge and structure repair and refurbishment
  • Bitumen/Coating Removal
  • Line marking removal
  • Local Municipality applications

General (multi-category)

  • Rust and Corrosion Removal
  • Paint, filler, render and vinyl removal
  • Surface preparation of any surface before
    • primer coating
    • Render coats
    • Wet plastering
    • Adhesives

Painting and decorating

  • Etching on glass, concrete etc., for signage or other
  • Paint striping from hardwood furniture