Pool renovation sandblasting


Sandblasting: A Valuable Asset in Pool Restoration Projects

Pool restoration for a concrete pool is not as uncommon as you might think. Sandblasting the pool surfaces including the surrounding pavers and coping is a great option when a pool restoration is underway. Your decking, paving, pergola and other landscape items around your pool need some loving too. MP BLAST has a unique service that can help with all these cleanup and rejuvenation jobs.

1. Better Surface Preparation for New Coatings

When restoring your pool area, applying new coatings, such as sealants, paints, or epoxy, is often part of the process. However, for these coatings to adhere properly and last longer, the underlying surface must be adequately prepared. For owner renovators or one of the many pool restoration businesses in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, our mobile sandblasting service is a crucial step in surface preparation.

Removing Old Coatings and Imperfections

Sandblasting effectively removes old and peeling coatings, providing a clean and etched surface for the new coatings to adhere to. By eliminating any loose material from the surface, the new coatings can bond more effectively, resulting in a more durable finish.

Achieving Long-Lasting Results

When coatings are applied to poorly prepared surfaces, they are more likely to crack, peel, or wear off prematurely. Sandblasting guarantees that the surface is free of contaminants and has the right level of roughness to optimise coating adhesion. This, in turn, contributes to longer-lasting and better-looking results.

2. Enhancing Safety with Non-Slip Paving and Coping

Tumbled marble random face pavers, comparison image between too much grout filling the natural holes and cleaned by sandblasting.
Tumbled marble random face pavers had too much grout which filled the natural holes and made them quite slippery. All fixed with sandblasting.

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to your pool area. As a place where people walk/run barefoot, slip-resistant surfaces are essential to prevent accidents and injuries. Sandblasting is a perfect option for creating non-slip paving and coping, adding an extra layer of safety for swimmers and poolside loungers.

How Sandblasting Works for Non-Slip Surfaces

During the sandblasting process, abrasive materials are propelled at high speeds onto the surface, such as concrete or stone paving and coping. This action removes old coatings, debris, and imperfections, exposing a fresh and textured surface. The resulting texture increases the level of friction, making the area less prone to slipping even when wet.

Unlike adding particles to create a gripping surface, sandblasting created small depressions, which is the reverse of most grip solutions. No sandpaper-like finish! This gives a gripping surface without harsh, irritating rubbing and scratching of the skin and swimwear.

Grip by the Geko principal. Suction!

Tailoring Non-Slip Solutions to Your Needs

One of the key advantages of sandblasting is its versatility. The level of texture can be adjusted based on your preferences and specific safety requirements. Whether you prefer a lightly textured surface or a more aggressive anti-slip surface, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. We can vary the grip anywhere around the pool.

3. Restoring the Original Beauty of Your Pool Area

As time goes by, your pool area may start to show signs of wear and weathering. Stains, discolorations, and dirt can accumulate, taking away from the area’s original charm. Sometimes it can simply be a previous property owner that thought a nice shade of brown or grey paint might look good over the coping stones. We have seen all sorts of things. 

Sandblasting is an ideal solution to restore the beauty of your pool area, unveiling its hidden beauty.

Revitalising Concrete and Natural Stone

For pool areas with concrete or natural stone surfaces, sandblasting can rejuvenate the appearance of these materials. The process removes the outer layer of grime and exposes the fresh, untouched surface beneath, making your pool area look brand new.

Rescuing Weathered Pavers and Decking

If your pool area features pavers or decking, sandblasting can be a game-changer. It restores the colour and texture of the surface, effectively erasing years of weathering bringing back the vibrant beauty of the original materials and giving it a non-slip finish.

4. Reduce the Environmental Impact

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s essential to consider eco-friendly alternatives for your pool restoration project. Wet Abrasive Blasting is an option that helps you align with eco-friendly practices.

Less Dust

Grinding and hammering old surfaces can create dust that will then drift across the neighbourhood. Wet Blasting uses water in the process to encapsulate the dust particles and they fall to the ground. This makes it a neighbourly-conscious choice.

Minimise Chemical Usage

Unlike some other restoration methods that require the use of harsh chemicals for paint stripping or acids for surface preparation, sandblasting relies primarily on mechanical abrasion. As a result, it minimises the need for using chemicals and their potential impact on the environment.

Albatross Pool Liner Replacement

Since 1969 Albatross Pools have been building pools in the Melbourne area. Albatross Pools has become one of the most popular types of pools with over 16,000 pools across Melbourne and Victoria.

Different to concrete pools and fibreglass pools, Albatross designs and constructs steel pre-engineered in-ground swimming pools are factory built in Melbourne to the client’s specifications and assembled onsite. Once the pool structure and surrounds are completed, a vinyl liner is placed in the pool to colour and seal the water. After many years the liner can deteriorate and will need replacement.

We work in partnership with Victoria’s leading Albatross Pool restoration company, Liner Specialists. Contact Michael and the team for more information.

Sandblasting proves to be an invaluable step in their pool restoration projects. By removing the Zinc Oxide and regular rust from the walls, Liner Specialists are then able to treat and provide a superior service when replacing liners.

For a mobile sandblasting service in the Melbourne area that you can trust, look no further than MP BLAST. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality sandblasting services, ensuring a seamless and successful pool restoration project.