Why MP BLAST can help with your next surface preparation

There is something about MP BLAST that we take very seriously. Our business revolves around this single key factor.

Customer satisfaction

  • Courteous, polite and well presented
  • Communication at all stages, no surprises
  • Clean work site and leaving nothing behind

Life is too short to be wasting your time doing something that others can do, quickly and more effectively.
We believe that we can save you so much time that you will actually feel better!

RapidBlast system

MP BLAST uses the revolutionary and technologically-advanced RapidBlast SD120 system. We remove paint, coatings, corrosion, rust and graffiti from all types of structures, locations and equipment. All this while leaving surfaces clean, contaminant free and thoroughly prepared for re-painting or re-coating.

Experienced and mobile

We have vast experience of work in the commercial, domestic, industrial and marine fields. Our experience means that we are able to offer a highly professional, cost-effective service that delivers outstanding results every time. Our mobile equipment means that we are able to carry out on-site abrasive blasting services. We can travel right across Greater Melbourne and Victoria.

High-quality outcomes are not limited to blasted items. We undertake all jobs with consideration of all surrounding items, property and people. Safety is of the utmost importance and we undertake all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved.