Car Sandblasting

car sandblasting half firewall on old chev

Sandblasting your car is the secret to the best foundation for your car restoration

Car sandblasting is one of the most common jobs we are asked to do. Cars from the 1930s to the 1990s, from Aussie and American muscle cars to small European and British town cars. We have blasted a lot of different shapes and sizes of vehicles in many different conditions.

We started this business to rescue old cars and love being part of car restorations. So if you are looking for an automotive sandblasting service near you, we make it easy because we come to you! Whether it requires car sandblasting in the driveway at home, at your business or you want to have us sandblast a car at our place, we can help!


Car restoration can initially seem daunting because of the rust or the unknown, but no more!

We provide a service that makes this part of a project fun and exciting.

  • Are you putting off your project because you can’t get started?
  • Over the years, it just sits there and gets worse.
  • Started grinding and sanding, and now it feels like a massive job ahead of you.

What if all you had to do was call us?
We can solve one of the biggest problems facing your auto restoration in just one day.
We come to you!


What car sandblasting can do for you

Whether it be in a driveway, factory, backyard or paddock. We can bring our services to the job and complete them without transportation. All done with minimal disruption and dust. Now you have time to get it to the next stage.

Our goal is to save you precious time, headspace, hard-earned money, and physical effort.

Sometimes it is not just removing the obvious when we blast. Car sandblasting will reveal issues that were not previously visible. We also reveal sections of a car to be in better condition than first feared. It is all about getting the car back to a solid foundation.

Our removal specialities include:

  • Paint and rust
  • Body deadener
  • Body fillers (Bog)
  • Spot blasting for investigation and quoting

We can apply this technique to just about any vehicle, truck, tractor and farm equipment. Even if it is a rusty old heap under a pile of weeds, what we can do and how quickly we do it will amaze you.

Sandblasting your classic car is our thing

Heritage and vintage cars are becoming rarer because of one common factor. RUST!

If you have one sitting idle somewhere, don’t let it get worse.

Give us a call, and we will help you bring it back to life.

We take pride in our work. Your project is unique to you, and we feel privileged to be part of it.

And not just the vehicle body and chassis sandblasting. We can entirely strip, de-rust and help the car restoration with the following:

  • Wheels
  • Axles, suspension and other running gear
  • Car panels, doors, tailgates and other parts that have been removed from a car shell 


Getting a car ready for blasting

Preparing a vintage car, or any old car for sandblasting is an essential step in a car restoration project. Whether you’re looking to make minor touch-ups or embark on a comprehensive strip-down and rebuild, we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise spans from conducting targeted spot blasts in problematic areas to performing complete shell blasts. We understand that every project is unique, and you have the flexibility to choose the extent of sandblasting required.

Whether it’s a few specific components or the entire vehicle, we are equipped to handle your needs with precision and efficiency.


Rolling shell

Perfect for blasting an engine bay, body panels and most of the car down to the sill panels. 

We are happy to blast vehicles that are still ‘rolling’ however the underside of the car are usually difficult to reach. We prioritise safety above all else, and we’re more than happy to discuss potential solutions for accessing these areas.

Rest assured, we will explore the best options to ensure a safe and thorough sandblasting process for your vehicle.can discuss options with you about accessing these areas however safety is our first priority.

Sandblasting a car chassis

The car’s chassis is like the cornerstone of the restoration. Removing all the running gear, engine, wiring and other pieces will allow us to sandblast the chassis back to bare metal so it can be painted, repaired if necessary, and restored suspension items, diffs, gearboxes, engines etc can be reinstalled. All of a sudden the project is underway and real progress is being made!

Rotisserie resto - Achieving the Best Results with Vehicle Sandblasting

We understand the importance of thorough and comprehensive car restoration. That’s why we recommend the use of a rotisserie for not just the sandblasting stage but for the project as a whole. We are such fans of a car rotisserie that we wrote an article about it, check out the benefits of using a car rotisserie.

Car sandblasted, now what?

Applying a coat of primer to freshly blasted metal surfaces as soon as possible is recommended. 

During and after the blast process, we use a water additive that prevents flash rusting of wet blasted iron and steel surfaces. The treated water effectively removes salts, including chlorides, sulphates, phosphates, nitrates, etc. and other contaminants, including oil, grease, and blast residues.

Removing these impurities inhibits rust from forming on the surface for several hours to several weeks depending on the conditions. Any untreated water, be it rain or spray from nearby washdown etc., will result in flash rust. Even handling the metal without clean gloves will transfer the salts from your skin to the metal and cause rust to form.

When dry, the surface is clean and ready for paint. Break out the metal primer and seal that gorgeous steel. But which one to use? 

We wrote a page discussing using etch primer and epoxy primer for car restoration projects. In our experience and when talking with all our clients to date, we recommend using an epoxy primer where possible. There are many reasons to consider, so head to our metal primer guide and look.

So no matter what it is, rusting away, or how bad you think the rust is.
Contact us now, and we will give you a quote to start your next car restoration project.