Car Rotisserie for Sandblasting and Every Aspect of Your Project


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using a car rotisserie for car restoration projects. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a beginner looking to embark on a restoration journey, a car rotisserie can be an invaluable tool to enhance your workflow and achieve exceptional results. In this article, we will delve into the world of car rotisseries, discussing their functionality, benefits, types, factors to consider when choosing one, and offer additional tips for using them effectively.

What is a rotisserie and what to look for

A Car Rotisserie could be one of the most critical restoration tools of your project car repair.  A car rotisserie is a specialised piece of equipment that enables you to rotate a vehicle a full 360 degrees, allowing easy access to all sides without the need to reposition the car. A heavy duty steel construction and adjustable width makes them easy to fit any car.

While primarily used for car restoration projects, rotisseries can also be utilised for other tasks such as striping, sandblasting, painting, welding, and bodywork. This versatility makes them an excellent investment for any auto restoration garage or enthusiast.

An optional piece of equipment is a manually operated gear drive. This will help rotate the vehicle, however it does make it more difficult to properly balance the car and can potentially lead to safety issues. More on that later.

How does it actually hold the car?

Note that rotisseries will grip the car bodies and parts using adaptors. Some rotisserie adaptors are designed for frame attachment while others bolt to the body. When ordering your rotisserie, make certain it fits the vehicle you have in mind and can withstand more than the weight of your vehicle when stripped down.

Benefits of Using a Car Rotisserie for Car Restoration

The advantages of utilising a car rotisserie for your restoration projects are numerous. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

Easy access to all areas of the car: With a car rotisserie, you can effortlessly work on every side of the vehicle without the need to move it around. This time-saving feature is especially beneficial when dealing with larger or more complex restoration projects.

Improved safety: One of the most significant advantages of using a car rotisserie is enhanced safety. By eliminating the need to be under the car while working on it, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This enables you to focus on the task at hand with peace of mind.

Increased productivity: The ability to work on the car from any angle allows for increased productivity. You can easily access hard-to-reach areas, perform thorough inspections, and execute repairs or modifications efficiently. This enhanced productivity ensures a smoother workflow and faster project completion.

Vehicles that are properly mounted on a car rotisserie can be easily loaded on to t tilt tray truck for transporting to us for sandblasting or to painting etc

Manage your workspace

Being able to move the rotisserie means you can make space in your work area within seconds. Imagine something around the house needs to be repaired. All you have to do is rotate the car 90 degrees and wheel the rotisserie to the side of the workshop. It is just as easy to put the car back into place so you can continue the restoration.

Types of Car Rotisseries

When choosing a car rotisserie, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements. There are two main types of rotisseries available: manual and electric. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Manual Rotisseries: The basic rotisseries are operated by simply unlocking the rotation pins and moving the car body by hand. They are more affordable than any crank optioned units. While they require physical effort to rotate the vehicle, they are basic in nature, reliable and durable, making them suitable for most restoration projects.

Hand or Electric Crank Rotisseries: These rotisseries are operated using hand cranks or motors that are geared to turn the vehicle more easily. They are more expensive than manual rotisseries however they offer the advantage of convenience and precision. Crank rotisseries are particularly beneficial for individuals who prioritise ease of use and require precise control over rotation.

Choosing the right car rotisserie depends on factors such as the size of the vehicle you’ll be working on, the type of tasks involved, and your budget. Larger cars necessitate larger rotisseries, while heavy-duty materials are preferable for extensive welding or bodywork. If budget is a concern, manual rotisseries offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising functionality.

How to Use a Car Rotisserie

Using a car rotisserie requires a few simple steps to ensure proper functionality and safety. Here’s a basic guide:

Securing the vehicle: There are a few steps here so follow along.

  • Begin by securing the adaptors to the the rotisserie.
  • Raise the car using jack stands or a hydraulic lift to create enough space underneath for attaching the rotisserie’s mounting brackets.
  • Carefully align the brackets with the car’s frame and secure them tightly, ensuring a stable connection.
  • Slowly lower the car on the jacks and pay close attention to all of the adaptors, mounting brackets and rotisserie frame for any sagging.

Balancing: Potentially the most important and most overlooked step.

  • With the help of some friends, unlock the pins and rotate the car just a few degrees either way.
  • You will feel very quickly if the car is top or bottom-heavy.
  • Lock the rotation pins and using the balancing adjusters, make a change to suit and test again.
  • Keep repeating this step until the car can be rotated further without feeling like it will tip back or tip over.

Once the car is balanced correctly you should be able to turn it easily and to any position by just one person.

Rotating the car: Once the car is securely attached, you can rotate it to any position needed. This flexibility allows you to access all areas effortlessly, significantly simplifying your restoration process. Remember to always use the locking pins as a safety measure!

If you are unsure or just want someone to talk to about a problem, then by all means contact us and we can help you through the setup.


Work safe and comfortably

Save time and money while working safer and smarter. It will allow you to access and work on any part of your car while remaining perfectly comfortable.

Easy on your body and less fatigue while working on the vehicle.

When it comes to sandblasting. Nothing allows us better access to all angles of the car and when some jobs can take several hours, it is a time and body saver. We highly recommend the use of a car rotisserie for sandblasting and other stages of the restoration.

Car rotisserie for sandblasting

In conclusion, a car rotisserie is an indispensable tool for any car restoration enthusiast or workshop. Its ability to provide easy access, improve safety, and increase productivity makes it a valuable asset throughout the restoration process. By choosing the right rotisserie based on your specific needs, you can enhance your workflow and achieve exceptional results.

Remember the following tips when using a car rotisserie:

  • Ensure the car is properly secured before beginning any work.
  • Make sure it is well-balanced enough that one person can easily turn a vehicle.
  • Always check the vehicle for loose tools and items before you rotate it.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and ensure there is sufficient space to manoeuvre comfortably.
  • Make sure the car is jacked up high enough if you are going to turn it past 90 degrees so it doesn’t hit the lower horizontal beam.
  • Always use the locking pins when you have decided on a working position.

With careful attention and the assistance of a car rotisserie, you can confidently and effectively restore your car to its former glory.

We strongly advise that you consider using a car rotisserie for sandblasting and many other steps of your project. Ask us about any aspect of selecting and/or using a rotisserie.


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