Truck and tractor restoration

Truck and tractor restoration can take on many forms. Hot and/or cold pressure washing, Tractor sandblasting, complete disassembly and rebuilding, rattle spray can from hardware or a combination.

  • It may be a forgotten vintage or collectable tractor that you found in a shady corner of a paddock.
  • It could be a modern delivery truck that needs to have the signage replaced on the body.
  • The first tractor on the family farm or the first truck in the fleet
  • Farm equipment that doesn’t make money when it is sitting in the long grass

Restoration is a big undertaking because of the time and money involved. However, if the cost of the restoration is less than the value of the finished project, it suddenly becomes worthwhile. This value does not just have to be a monetary value, either. It can have strong sentimental ties to your family, organisation or, it can simply mean you spend time with a friend or family member while working on a project.

rusty-tractorSo you are all keen to start, but something is holding you back. You gaze at your project with all the enthusiasm you can ever hope to have at the start of any endeavour.  Your shoulders slump when your friend says, “How are we going to get rid of all this rust?” Quickly your eagerness turns to doubt as you realise the scale of the project.

We can solve one of the biggest problems in just one day. RUST removal!

  • We come to your location and leave it the way we found it
  • In less than a day, we can entirely strip almost anything back to bare metal
  • We can also provide an epoxy sealer on the same day, so that no further rusting occurs
  • Read more about our farm machinery services here

Now instead of standing there wondering where to start, you can relax and watch us do all the hard work in a few short hours. You will be amazed at how well it works, and the time we can save you.

We understand the value you place in these projects and how well you want them to look when completed.

Tractor restoration

restored-tractorNot only can we get things started for you, but we go the extra mile in the case of tractors. We can source bonnet stickers and emblems for most tractors like Massey Ferguson, Case, John Deere and more. Your pride and joy will return to their original glory using precise colour matching.

We have even been asked to blast the paint off an old tractor so that it can rust gracefully in the garden as a feature.

For prime movers, farming tractors or anything in between, our removing specialities include:

  • Paint, Primer and Rust
  • Concrete, cement and oil spills
  • Painted or vinyl signage

Truck Restoration

Lindsay Fox first Ford truck he used to start his transport empire. Looking better today than it ever did in the past.

For companies, you could classify a restoration project under a branding/marketing budget.
Having the original truck in your fleet restored back to or better than original condition speaks volumes about your companies longevity.

If you have one sitting idle somewhere, don’t let it get worse. Give us a call and we will help you bring it back to life.

And not just the vehicle body and chassis. We can fully strip and restore the following:

  • Wheels, axles and suspension parts
  • Engine blocks, rocker covers and components
  • Aluminium, steel and even timber truck bodies

When it comes to current workhorses or fleet management

  • Working implements like crane arms and pumps
  • Farm attachments like slashers, ploughs, and carry-alls
  • Other attachments like trailers,

So no matter what it is, don’t let it rust away.

Call us now before it is too late and we will help you start your next restoration project.