Reveal the Grain, Sandblasted Timber Artworks


How can ordinary pieces of timber can be sandblasted into stunning works of art? One fascinating technique that allows us to unleash and reveal the timber grain creativity is sandblasting. By using different timber species, sandblasting mediums, pressures, and angles, unique and beautiful effects can be achieved. Turn ordinary or even scrap wood into extraordinary masterpieces.

Let’s start by understanding how sandblasting can create a textured effect on wood. The abrasive material used in the sandblasting process strikes the timber at high speed. Each strike removes very small pieces of woodgrain. Multiply this process by thousands and quite quickly you can make a big change to a previously flat and smooth timber.

The summer grains in wood are softer than the winter growth and therefore you are left with a unique and very interesting finish that you cannot achieve with any other process. Sandblasted timber artwork is limited only by the imagination and even then we are constantly surprised how a finished piece turns out.

Sandblasting timber for a striking effect

Timber sandblasted to produce a unique artistic effect. The individual abrasive strikes can be seen here giving the sandblasted timber another dimension of softness

Roughening the timber surface: 

By using a coarse sandblasting medium like garnet or silica sand, the surface of the wood can be roughened, resulting in a captivating textured appearance. This technique can be employed to highlight the natural grain of the wood or to add a touch of rustic charm to the piece.

Wood etching:

Sandblasting can also be used to etch the surface of wood, creating a more pronounced and intricate grain pattern. By utilising a finer sandblasting medium like a walnut shell or baking soda, the wood can be etched. This will reveal its natural colours and add depth to the overall design. This method is perfect for achieving a more dramatic and visually striking effect.


Sandblasting wood with a delicate touch

Creating Patterns: The versatility of sandblasting shines when it comes to creating patterns on wood. Stencils can be used to create flair and design and carve patterns into the wood’s surface. These patterns can range from simple to intricate, adding interest, and detail to the piece. It’s an excellent way to make your artwork truly unique and captivating.

Removing Paint or Varnish: Sandblasted timber artwork isn’t just about adding elements; it can also be used to strip away unwanted layers. By directing the sandblasting stream at paint or varnish-covered wood, we can skillfully remove the old layers, revealing the natural beauty of the wood beneath. This technique is commonly used to restore old wooden furniture or to create a fresh and contemporary look. It can also be used selectively to expose patterns and create a rustic, distressed appearance.

More possibilities with blasting timber

In addition to these effects, sandblasting has the power to transform the overall appearance of wood. By carefully removing the top layer of wood, sandblasting exposes the natural colours and grains hidden within. This process can make the timber appear lighter or darker, depending on the depth of sandblasting. Old grey and sun-beaten timber can look new again but with a textured twist. Furthermore, sandblasting can add a weathered or aged appearance to the wood, giving it a unique character and charm.

As you can see, sandblasting is a versatile technique that allows us to unlock a plethora of artistic possibilities when working with wood. By experimenting with different sandblasting mediums, pressures, and angles, we can create awe-inspiring works of art that showcase the beauty and versatility of wood, specific to your needs.

Let MP BLAST Bring your creativity to life

Whether you’re a builder, homeowner, artist or simply fascinated by the world of creativity. Sandblasting timber artwork opens up a whole new realm of expression through timber and wood features. Select your timbers, your imagination, and let’s transform plain wood into extraordinary works of  timber art. 

Indoor walls, features, doors or just trims all the way to exterior sculptures. Your latest art installation will leave you and others speechless, as the possibilities are infinite and the results are simply breathtaking.

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