Brick Wall Sandblasting

sandblasted brickwall

Create a Feature Wall by Sandblasting Bricks

Sandblasting brick to expose brick walls has seen a definite increase in popularity over recent years and when it is done well it is easy to see why.

When everything is painted it can be plain and boring. Similarly, when everything is brick it can be too overpowering. Why not consider exposing some walls or even partial exposures to break up the appearance?

Internal feature walls for houses, shops, pizzerias, bars, distilleries and more.

Sandblast paint off brick

Perhaps the most common request we get for brick walls is to remove layers of paint from the surface.

Whether it is clay brick, cement or concrete bricks, stone walls or any combination of masonry products. MP BLAST can help create a feature of the original wall by removing years of paint coatings and renders.

Sandblasting brick walls can be a bit of a lottery, however in our experience there is always something unique about the finished surface.

Effective brick sandblasting requires a careful approach.
Starting with low pressure and low feed rates we carefully make continuous adjustments to the blasting machine. This procedure will give us the best results while protecting the masonry and most importantly the mortar joints.

Using a combination of wet and dry blasting we can deal with internal and outer brick walls.

Exposing bricks on exterior walls

Exterior walls and features are mostly cleaned with a wet blasting system as it greatly reduces the need for dust containment. By having water in the abrasive stream, the small dust particles are trapped by the water and fall to the ground within close proximity to the working zone.

Sandblasting interior brick walls

Internal walls work best with a dry blasting process as it will not cause any water damage to timbers, plasterboard or other materials inside the building. It does require air extraction and filtering as well as careful cleaning and a thorough vacuum before we are satisfied that the job is complete.

Removing paint, render and excess mortar are all tasks we achieve through a systematic and thorough cleaning process.

How to protect your exposed brick wall

We recommend sealing the bricks with a good quality sealer so that it does not generate dust every time it is rubbed.


Rammed earth walls cleaned after a fire so the house can be rebuilt.

A heritage-listed house in Mornington getting a new lease on life and celebrating Hawthorn Blue bricks produced at the Glen Iris brick factory

An old factory was renovated and turned into a popular distillery

Bluestone garden wall constructed with secondhand materials. After cleaning it looked like the stone had only been used once.

Most of the paint removed from internal walls breathing new life into a pizzeria